• Sky Peak Financial: Our Approach


At Sky Peak Financial we take a three-dimensional approach to help you protect and build your wealth over time. We think of money in three phases:


How can we best work to help maximize a client’s financial potential?


How do we strategize to provide maximum income during retirement?


How can we best position you to leave a legacy to the individuals or entities that you care about most?

  • Disability Income Insurance: Provides an income protection (an income may be our client’s most valuable asset).
  • Life Insurance: Determining what amount of coverage is the correct amount and what types of life insurance are the best fit for the client today and in the future.
  • Always reassessing if protection amounts are adequate.
  • Work to ensure that you are saving at least 15% of your gross income.
  • Establish a cash reserve which would be consistent with approximately 50% of your annual gross income.
  • Determining the best use of your employer sponsored plan.
  • Prudent diversification and asset allocation.
  • Filling different risk focused and tax sensitive buckets.
  • Commitment of ongoing savings to your financial model, where appropriate.

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Jeremy Lindquist is a registered representative of and offers securities, investment advisory, and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, LLC, Member SIPC (www.SIPC.org). Supervisory office: 101 Federal Street, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02110, Tel: 617-439-4389.

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